Enable secure data collaboration with organisations using data cleanrooms

Unlock insights to fuel better business decisions by collaborating on data in a private, secure & regulations compliant manner…


Unlock Insights from
real world data of your business partners

Join and analyze data with partners in secure data clean rooms. Backed by advanced privacy technologies like Confidential Computing, your data and your models are never accessible by any other party, not even us!

Privacy & Security

With aid of privacy techniques like Differential Privacy and Confidential Computing, your data remains secure, at all times

An out-of-the-box solution with a simple UI letting you access tailor made results, without relying on data science experts

Easy to use GUI interface

100% Cloud Interoperable

Our clean rooms can seamlessly connect to data & models, across various cloud platforms without data movement reducing latency

DPDP Compliant TSP

Only licensed technical service provider under DPDP bill, building solution over DEPA framework with iSPIRT

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Experience the synergy and collaborate seamlessly with your partners, all powered by PeriData's cleanrooms.

Essential use cases for your needs…

AdTech/ Media Agencies

Deliver value for advertisers across campaign lifecycle with insights for planning, activation, measurement

Healthcare/ HealthTech

Transform patient outcomes models by securely sharing and analyzing a wide range of healthcare datasets

Fin. Services/ FinTech

Improve fraud detection, enhance the customer experience, optimize customer profiling, and drive growth

Train own AI/ ML model

Run complex AI/ML workloads on your partner's datasets to offer personalized services

Insurance/ InsurTech

Improve underwriting models, enhance customer targeting by training on credit bureau data

Travel Tech/ OTAs

Facilitate franchise and segment-level revenue growth with strategies to optimize loyalty, bookings, pricing






Train AI Model


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